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Maxitrade — an overview

With its high-quality service, it easily gained recognition as rivals observe intently. The mere presence of Maxitrade and its ever continuous force of service threaten competitors. As this is the case, bunch of negative Maxitrade customer reviews surfaced online dragging Maxitrade’s name to negative light which for clarification purposes are some of rival companies’ own making.  Just like other Forex review, the purpose of this article is to evaluate Maxitrade and to bring clarification over tags which include maxitrade cheat, maxitrade scam, maxitrade lie, and maxitrade fraud.

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Maxitrade is an FX and CFD trading platform https://maxitrade.com/ that provides wide array of assets. Included in the list are currencies, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. It is owned and operated by Day Dream Investments Ltd, a company situated at Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It is accredited by the International Financial Market Relations Regulations Center (IFMRRC). 

What makes Maxitrade different from other site is the settlement of functions, services, and solutions a trader can use and experience while trading. Maxitrade broker offers a wide array of cryptocurrencies, a trader-considerate leverage which scales up to 1:200, and a downloadable and web-based Meta Trader 4 system. In line, there are total of 68 pairs that Maxitrade offers with various exotic pairs like 

  • Norweigan Krone
  •  Philippine Peso 
  • Turkish Lira
  • Czech Krona
  • South African Rand
  • Hungarian Forint
  •  Polish Zloty
  •  Hong Kong Dollar

This platform also renders other trading instruments like CFDS on palladium, platinum, silver, gold, oil, and other natural gas. Wider choices of cryptocurrencies are also offered like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin. 

As for the interface, https://maxitrade.com/ site can be conveniently explored through as it presents functions in a comprehensive design and layout. More so, Maxitrade uphold client-centered principle by providing analytics of daily and weekly forecasts, a dropdown of economic and financial news, charts and quotes, and quarterly reports of worldwide stakeholders and corporations that shape the financial market. 

A trader who wants to subscribe or open an account with this platform does not have to plunge hastily as there is a free trial or demo account for traders to test the waters. Right in time when a trader is ready to open an account, necessary documents and requirements are needed to have a personal Maxitrade login account. 

Reviews: why Forex is a scam

Reviews and feedbacks online are diverse and many of these opinions are not reflective of the broker’s credibility. Since brokerage is a business and the competition is high over which platform gives the best services and solutions, many competitors try to sidetrack those platforms of reputable name. Maxitrade is a victim of such as rival companies try to ruin a Maxitrade site’s reputation through misleading reviews and attestation.  A biased forex review similar to those uploaded online is harmful as it tarnishes a company’s name and undertaking. More so, it abolishes the credibility that the company built through legitimate and honest service. 

Though reviews are helpful for assessment, this kind of online practice centered on partisanship is dangerous as it misleads traders. Newbie traders are susceptible to this as they are easily swayed by a negative review. They get overwhelmed over a bunch of reviews resulting to confusion as to which broker is a fraud and which is a law-abiding broker. 

The internet is dominated with assumptions that Maxitrade lies without doing a background check. More so, the allegation that Maxitrade cheats its clients is baseless as there are no real testimonies that can justify such.

In-depth reviews and researches are encouraged in order to bring forth truth about a certain broker. This will also shed light to other brokerages’ scamming scheme and malpractice. 

The following qualities are essential for broker assessment:

  • Legitimacy of the company
  • Efficiency and convenience for users
  • Tool functionalities
  • Legal practice

Maxitrade met all of the aforementioned criteria as they are regulated and certified by a credible regulatory body. Maxitrade broker also brings convenience and efficiency to traders by offering unique tools and functionalities all while observing brokerage legal practice.

Busting the Maxitrade scam myth


Despite the attempt of other sites to establish negative feedbacks, there are some positive reviews online that can attest to Maxitrade’s legitimacy and credibility.  


Trustpilot.com, a forex review website rated Maxitrade.com site with 4.5 stars.

ThatSucks.com also rated Maxitrade.com site with 6.4 or Not Bad rating.

Along with these positive online reviews are good comments from clients who have first-handedly used the Maxitrade platform. They verify Maxitrade’s credibility by sharing their experiences in using the said trading platform. 


Viktoriya Arkhipova’s positive feedback was posted online. She commended the quality of services and solutions rendered by Maxitrade when it comes to earnings. If indicative of any, it just states how this broker loyally upholds their set mission which is to provide traders to acquire exponential profit through reliability and up-to-date service. 


Another feedback from Kelly was posted as the comment indicates that the company is offering good trading conditions. It provides comfort, efficiency and convenience by giving fundamental materials and necessary tools necessary for optimum trading. 

Maxitrade accreditation

True to its clients, Maxitrade is a legitimate online trading platform. This can be attested through a run-down of accreditations and licenses comprehensively projected on Maxitrade.com site. More specifically, in “About the Company” section. 

Disclosed on broker Maxitrade official site, the company is regulated by IFMRRC also known as International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center. This is a verified regulatory body created with an intention of observing and regulating the quality of services and solutions provided by brokerages and other dealing companies. This also polices the reliability of services rendered by investors of the cryptocurrency market. 

Such regulatory body is responsible for giving certification to brokerages who met specific criteria. The bestowment of certificate verifies that a brokerage underwent intensive inspection and complied with requirements set by IFMRRC. 

Presented in Maxitrade.com site, IFMRRC confirmed that Maxitrade is a legitimate brokerage company and have met all the parameters set by the institution by giving a Certificate of Compliance or Certificate 0395 AA V0128.


Though Maxitrade is much younger than its competitors, its services and solutions cannot be underestimated as it surpassed the quality of other platforms out in the market. Unscrupulous reviews uploaded online are just desperate move intended to taint Maxitrade’s name. Countless accounts and attestations quoting the company as a fraudster are not enough to cover the fact that Maxitrade is one of the leading platforms up to date and is not threatened by biased reviews. To state the obvious, if Maxitrade a fraud, why does its clients keep on increasing?