How to make money on cryptocurrency 2019


How to make money on cryptocurrency 2019

Since its inception, the cryptocurrency has shown both excellent growth rates and sudden downward trends. However, starting in 2018, thanks to various market signals and info from major digital currency holders, there has been very encouraging news that the further development of this investment instrument will be up-and-coming. According to Maxitrade official site this applies to such innovations as the implementation of laws against fraud and other rules for the protection of investors.

Maxitrade analytics believe that by all means, 2019 will indeed be able to provide investors with more opportunities and strategies to earn on cryptocurrency. However, you should not sit and wait when it all starts to work. Today Maxi Trade experts will reveal all the tips and strategies on how to make money on cryptocurrency, as well as tell you about market forecasts in 2019.

The most crucial cryptocurrency trends in 2019

Growing demand for security tokens

Since its inception, cryptocurrencies have divided investors into supporters and holders, respectively, as well as critics of this investment tool. According to Maxitrade, this happened for various reasons, among which there are such as:

  • lack of transparent distribution channels
  • increased attention of fraudsters to coins

As a result, large investors, as well as creating companies themselves, began to invest heavily in solving these problems so that traders could invest more boldly.

Maxitrade official site reports that, if financial regulators are able to bring the security of investments in cryptocurrency to a new level, then large institutional investors will be able to enter the market with large purchase offers, which will inevitably affect the rise in prices of coins.

Great time for Ripple

All coins in the cryptocurrency market are tied to a particular technology. However, unlike the two most popular currencies, such as Bitcoin and Lightcoin, Ripple is based on the technology of the financial system. In other words, banks and other commercial organizations can use it to organize transactions around the world. According to Maxitrade, the most important thing is that since this cryptocurrency supports peer-to-peer transactions, it will not require any confirmation of transactions from third parties.

In 2019, according to Maxitrade forecast, this coin should show good growth and become a desirable investment. Therefore, if this coin is not yet in your investment basket, then we advise you to think about it.

Low price volatility

Maxitrade official site reports that 2017 has become very significant in the cryptocurrency market. For example, Bitcoin during 2017 showed incredibly high volatility, when its price at the beginning was very sharply reduced, and then suddenly increased to incredible performance. Some investors then lost a lot of money due to this price hike and more so because of panic in the market. Even now, in 2019, many are still in a state of shock due to the drawdown of the exchange rate of this coin. However, after the collapse of the cryptocurrency market in 2017, the year 2018 showed more stable signals.

Moreover, Maxitrade experts believe that after several substantial financial institutions began to accept cryptocurrency as a means of calculation, a sharp jump was no longer observed. In 2019, the cryptocurrency signals can show the right amount of price coming up. However, it is unlikely to be the same as in 2017. Nevertheless, you need to be prepared for this, and most importantly, to be able to make money on it.

The growth rate of “stable” coins

The so-called stable coins are one of the types of digital currencies, which is necessary for use in the role of hedging instruments from signals when the base of cryptocurrency shows a decline. Simply put, they duplicate the functions of official currencies and are supported by real assets, such as:

  • bank account statements
  • foreign currencies
  • precious metals

By themselves, stable coins, that is, backed up by tangible assets, cannot quite be considered a cryptocurrency or traditional paper currency. However, according to Maxitrade analytics, they are intended to serve as a kind of buffer for softer market relations between them. Since the cryptocurrency market still has a problem situation with the digitalization of crypto coins, it is stable coins that can get a terrific impetus to development and growth.

Growth of blockchain investments

The popularity of blockchain technology and its potential has never been in doubt. However, Maxitrade experts believe that manufacturers do not waste time in vain and are continually trying to increase the level of security so that this technology can adequately protect its users.

All these indicators are fundamentally necessary in order for both the transactions between users and the information about the number of transferred coins to remain completely confidential and not disclosed to third parties.

Such signals in changing the security system can bring to the market new types of coins, which will be based on new security algorithms but will be sharpened for specific tasks. That is why we recommend that all traders consider both existing and new STOs this year and include at least a small amount of such coins in your investment portfolio.

Strategic changes in the cryptocurrency market in 2019

It is evident to everyone that 2018 did not become something breakthrough in the cryptocurrency market. According to Maxitrade after an incredible growth and change in 2017, the last year mostly showed corrections of coins and the disappearance of some digital currencies, although many investors still hoped that their losses in 2017 would be partly offset by growth. Nevertheless, already in the first quarter of 2018, the rate of the most popular Bitcoin cryptocurrency managed to fall to 65% and almost reached its psychological threshold.

Maxitrade official site reports since Bitcoin has the largest capitalization in the market, the rise or fall of its rate inevitably affects all other coins in the market. So by the end of the fourth quarter of 2018, the bitcoin exchange rate sank further and reached a price reduction of 80%, then all other coins or so-called altcoins decreased by an incredible 90%. Similar depreciation on absolutely all coins had several reasons, among which were:

  • government enforcement
  • concerns about the rules of the SEC
  • fraudulent projects

Nevertheless, according to Maxitrade analytics, the trends of 2019 promise to even out the situation a bit and make the market more stable. That is why, before examining strategies and exactly how you can earn in 2019 on cryptocurrency, it is so essential for us to understand what exactly will happen to the market and be ready to act without delay!

Bearish trends release Bitcoin

According to Maxitrade analytics, since in 2017, Bitcoin was able to reach the maximum of its price in 2019, it showed a decrease to 84% of the peak price. Similar trends were seen in 2013-2014. Then the pace of decline was very same. In the current period, the bitcoin price showed the tendency of withdrawal from the 200-days passing rate.

In other words, according to Maxitrade official site, we can conclude that such a decrease in prices and the number of days that it was necessary for this, goes against the traditional bearish signals in other markets. Such shifts may indicate that with a further moderate increase in the capitalization of this coin, the price will be able to show a small and stable growth. Also, Maxitrade financial experts attribute this to the maturity of the market itself, which was able to survive such shocks.

It is also worth noting that by the end of 2018, many investors and traders predicted a rise in the rate of Bitcoin and its new price of $ 10,000. Their hopes were also strengthened when the coin was able to show growth to $ 6,000 in July, but the end of the fourth quarter did not meet the expectations of the majority. Bitcoin was again subject to bearish indicators, which demanded a price reduction to the psychological mark of $ 1,000. Such markers suggest that bearish trends are finally receding and the leading cryptocurrency will finally be able to show upward trends.

Maxitrade experts believe in 2019, the cryptocurrency market will show stable, but insignificant growth, which nevertheless will suit traders and help new institutional investors enter the game. Given the end of the bearish trends and signals in the cryptocurrency market, it can be assumed that its next period comes after the new peak price for Bitcoin, and this is expected to happen no earlier than in 2021.

Altcoins show historical highs in 2019

After all the forecasts on the cryptocurrency market, it has already become evident that the market is going through a stage of price adjustments and maturity. Since its inception, Bitcoin has always shown its 90% dominance over altcoins. But now the situation has changed dramatically. All this time, some altcoins appeared on the market, which was tied either to transaction security technologies or other unique technologies. Such a trend is likely to affect the decline in the dominance of Bitcoins in the future and the emergence of new promising cryptocurrencies for trading.

According to Maxitrade analytics, the trend will be unfolding in such a way that new altcoins will be more sharpened to solve specific problems of the industry. The first quarter of 2019 must demonstrate the emergence of new and most importantly, real technology projects. In other words, it will not be the ICO that is relevant, but more specific and transparent projects.

A similar example is a project like UBQ. New coins of this project can also be generated by miners, which will positively affect the attractiveness of the project for investors. In 2019, UBQ plans are to focus on changing hashing algorithms from Ethash to Ubqhash. Such changes are designed to protect users from the increasing wave of hacker attacks and make this coin a more substantial investment.

Maxitrade official site reports changes will also be able to bring new touches directly related to the project ecosystem. Moreover, the developers themselves have already managed to declare that they are aimed at ensuring that Ubiq receives the status of the leading contender for the most stable Enterprise platform, which in turn can count on large-scale support from the business.

Still, before it reaches its historical maximum in 2019, this coin will need to go through several important stages that will become indicators of the desired motion vector in the direction of increasing prices, namely:

  • passing the 200-days moving price mark of 9,500 Satoshi
  • multiple course adjustment lines
  • positive news from the creators of the progress in the development

It is predicted that in 2019, the historical maximum of this coin will be 97,000 Satoshi.

Enhanced ICO control

Many traders have already heard about the fraudulent activities of some ICOs, which have led to a downgrade in investor confidence. In 2019, according to Maxitrade analytics, the SEC decided to increase control over the actions of new and existing ICOs in order to increase consumer protection.

Among the recent and most iconic signals were investigations with celebrities from show business which promoted specific cryptocurrency tokens among their fans. These are DJ Khalid and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. The fact is that as part of the promotion of ICO, they did not show that they received money from the projects for such an advertisement.

Recently, ICOs are increasingly trying to attract celebrities or so-called opinion leaders to advertise their projects. However, Maxitrade experts believe that control by the SEC will now only increase, and the pressure on projects will be increasingly concentrated, simultaneously attracting more and more investors.

Such actions by the SEC are very revealing, as they demonstrate concrete signals to combat fraudsters and strengthen the credibility of new projects. However, the situation is such that soon the only way to prove the legitimacy of the new ICO will be their launch through the Proof-of-Work.

TOP ways to make money on cryptocurrency in 2019!

If you are reading this article, then surely you already have an idea of what cryptocurrency is and how the crypto market is formed. This financial instrument has long won the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. We think you just heard the stories of how those who invested in this market became millionaires and billionaires. And although the cryptocurrency market has experienced quite a few shocks, it continues to be one of the most promising investment areas.

In general, some newbies consider the cryptocurrency market to be somewhat complicated and challenging from a technical point of view. However, do not think so, and in today’s article, Maxitrade experts will proof this! We will show you the most effective, and most importantly, working ways and strategies of making money on cryptocurrency in 2019!

And so today we will discuss the following options for earnings:

  • Buy and hold
  • Purchase and hold on the account
  • Staking cryptocurrencies
  • Mining
  • Day trading in the cryptocurrency market
  • Microtasks
  • Cryptocurrency Arbitration
  • Crypto broker
  • Bitcoin faucets
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Crypto landing
  • Trading bots

Well, perhaps we need to start with the Buy and hold method.

Buy and hold

According to Maxitrade, buy and hold is probably one of the most common ways to make money on cryptocurrency. This method is widespread not only in the cryptocurrency market, but it is also actively used by traders in the forex market. It looks like this; for example, you buy an asset and wait until the price rises to sell at a profit.

The same happens in the cryptocurrency market. The only difference is that the price changes sometimes quite dramatically and the main thing here is not to miss the signals when the price will be at the peak, and you will be able to sell coins at a rate more expensive than you bought. Perhaps this method can be attributed to the purest version of earnings.

In practice, this may look like this, for example, Bitcoin cost about $13 in 2013, and its peak price in 2018 reached $ 20,000. This means that if you spent only $ 200 on its purchase in 2013, and in 2018 you sold it at the peak of the price, then your income would be $ 300,000. Such a revenue of an incredible 1500% and it was something unimaginable for absolutely any market, be it forex or the stock market. This is where the real potential of earnings on cryptocurrency was manifested!

Today, Maxitrade experts can recommend you to buy and wait for the price increase with the following four coins:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ether
  • Lightcoin
  • Ripple

The fact is that these coins occupy leading positions in capitalization in the market and are safe from the point of view of investing for a long time. However, if you decide to invest in new coins or those that appeared less than a year ago, then it is likely that these coins can simply disappear, and you only lose money and time.

Which websites can you use for the purchase? 

We recommend to contact Maxitrade crypto broker, thanks to the high speed of registration and replenishment of your account, and you can start trading on the same day! Alternatively, you can take a slightly more difficult path and choose one of the online sites for purchase, for example, Coinbase.

Purchase and hold on the account

The strategy of buying a currency, and then selling at a higher price as described above, is a quite right kind of earnings, but some coins will pay you for buying them and keeping in your account. Maxitrade official site reports that this option shows low risks and attracts a large number of beginners. As an example of such coins, we can name the following:

  • NEO
  • KuCoin
  • CryproBridge
  • Neblio
  • Komodo

Staking cryptocurrencies

This method is a symbiosis of the two previous options. In other words, you buy a cryptocurrency, keep it in order to increase the price and further sale, and while you keep it in the account, you get income. Not bad right? According to Maxitrade analytics among the coins with which you can earn in this way are the following:

  • Neblio
  • Komodo
  • PIVX
  • Decred


Among the primary methods for making money on cryptocurrency mining takes one of the permanent and leading places. In fact, you don’t need to wait for this or that coin to grow, all you need is to invest in the purchase of a powerful computer or an entire computer farm and set up the equipment and start generating new coins.

However, according to Maxitrade, it should be borne in mind that investment in equipment is costly. Also, to use powerful computers, you may need additional cooling units. Nevertheless, the more powerful your equipment will be, the faster you will be able to return your investments and start earning income. By and large, an ordinary personal computer will be absolutely not enough for you, and there are no chances to create a large number of coins.

In fact, Maxitrade official site reports that during mining, the computer operates at very high power and makes complex mathematical calculations, because this is how the cryptocurrency is generated. Also, consider the high energy costs of all these processes.

It is also worth noting that the process of generating new coins every year becomes more difficult, and the time that is necessary for a successful result increases. Therefore, if you mine on a slow computer, then it is likely that someone will be able to complete this process faster than you, and thus the coin will go to another creator, and you will lose time.

Day trading in the cryptocurrency market

According to Maxitrade analytics, this method will be more complicated than previous ones and will require not only more time, but also additional technical and analytical skills. The cryptocurrency market has very high volatility, so the price of a coin can change very quickly and dramatically during the day. If you are well-versed in daily quotes and can track the indicators of growth and fall, then during the day you can earn a good income! For example, by purchasing one or two coins and selling them within an hour, you will be able to conduct successful trading operations and earn money every day.

However, this method is more suitable for experienced traders who are accustomed to follow the schedule of price changes for specific currencies and have a baggage of knowledge on the coins of interest. However, if you are already an experienced user, then this way of earning can give you outstanding results in a reasonably short period of time.


Another very interesting from a certain point of view, the modern way to earn not only on cryptocurrency but also to get the cryptocurrency itself as payment is the so-called Microtasks method. According to Maxitrade, the point is that you perform small tasks and receive rewards in the form of coins. Tasks can be completely different, for example:

  • Take an online survey
  • Test online application
  • Website setting, etc.

According to Maxitrade analytics data, one completed task, which takes about 10 minutes of time to perform, will be able to bring the performer approximately 0.0000143 BTC or about $ 0.90 (July 2018).

You can also try your hand at working as a freelancer and agreeing with your customer about payment in cryptocurrency. To date, in such cases, the customer willingly goes on such a calculation. However, be sure to see that such a prediction does not violate the rules of the site.

Cryptocurrency Arbitration

Crypto Exchange or in other words, an online platform for the sale and purchase of crypto coins. To start working on online exchanges, you will need to go through the procedure of registering and verifying your credentials and deposit funds or cryptocurrency (as in the case of Binance) and start trading.

The main principle is based on the fact that the price of the same coin on different exchanges may differ and therefore if you buy a currency at a lower rate and sell on a different platform more expensive, you can earn a profit on the so-called arbitration.

The indicators of coins constantly fluctuate within the day, and therefore, if you carefully monitor the signals, you can make good money or reinvest in other currencies. It is worth noting that the higher the number of coins that you buy and sell, the higher your income. From this, we can conclude that in small quantities your earnings will be minimal.

Crypto broker

There are different ways to work with a crypto broker, but the personal crypto broker is one of the most effective ways to make money, especially for beginners! The business is that crypto brokers initially have all the necessary knowledge and tools for successful trading. The main advantage is that you can open a minimum deposit of $ 250 in the Maxitrade company and gradually increase your investment, while you do not need to spend your time on it.

I also think that if you don’t understand anything, it’s better not to waste time and money! But I decided, all the same, to follow more profoundly both in the subject matter and how most people earn on it. My experience can probably be called successful, although it is more the merit of a broker than mine. I have invested with Maxitrade 1200 dollars last year. I think if the market rates were more volatile, it would have already earned more, but the broker’s strategy assumes a low-risk percentage, but for me, it’s even better that you don’t need to worry about money once again.

If you look at the discussions in many forums devoted to trading in digital currencies, it becomes clear that many of their participants do not see the difference between crypto exchanges and brokers. And this difference is very large.

Firstly, unlike crypto exchanges, most of which was created a year or two ago, many brokerage companies have a long history. And if a broker such as Maxitrade, for example, has years of working in financial markets and tens of thousands of accounts opened by clients from almost a hundred countries, this gives certain guarantees of its reliability and speaks of its well-deserved positive reputation.

I must say that for many years of work, Maxitrade brokers managed to hone their methods of dealing with hackers. So, we regularly hear about the hacking of crypto-exchanges and embezzlement from the wallets of their clients, but so far, there has been no information about anything like that regarding brokers. Although their turnover is billions and tens of billions of dollars a month, and there are plenty of people who want to profit from them.

Until 2017, brokerage companies mainly specialized in currency trading in the Forex market, transactions with precious metals, stocks and futures. But the rush to cryptocurrency last year forced them to pay attention to this market.

Having come to the crypto-industry, Maxitrade brokers brought with them their trading arsenal, which, in its capabilities, it should be noted, that they significantly exceed those provided by the stock exchange. 

Apparently this year, the market will begin to stabilize, and cryptocurrency will show growth again. It seems to me that those who still do not believe or doubt whether to work with Maxitrade broker ask yourself a question, are you ready to spend dozens of hours studying all the technical nuances or is it better to add it to those who built a successful business on this? Good luck to all of us!

I have no problems with withdrawing money for seven months of working with Maxitrade! After a request for withdrawal, I waited a maximum of 3 hours, and the money was immediately on the account!

I think with digital currency, everything will still be very interesting this year. High volatility does not let investors get bored, although the trends of the past few days personally do not inspire me to be active in this market. The rapid decline in the rate of Bitcoin is already becoming alarming, in the sense that if a particular milestone is crossed, then one can hardly expect a turn in the direction of growth.

Although in Maxitrade I was told that it is not worth waiting for a further fall, and it is time to pay back Bitcoin while it is at a low cost, by the end of the year it will be possible to sell very profitable. Judging by the various news resources, the information is 100% true. Today Maxitrade cooperates with top exchanges, i.e. best with the most objective and relevant quotes.

I think it is essential that they guarantee the safety of trade. Anyway, the personal data of users registered on any online service is used. The crypto-broker promises to do this only with the stated goals in accordance with the current legislation. Maxitrade even prescribes responsibility for violation of his obligation in the provisions. But unauthorized access is almost impossible, as blockchain technology is used, which, as you know, eliminates the slightest chance of hacking.


I do not know what to say, and yesterday I withdrew more than 3000 dollars from the account and during the day they were already on the account. I think if you had problems with the withdrawal, then most likely something was wrong with your documents! I am absolutely sure that Maxi trade would never have kept clients’ money!

For my part, I will note excellent support of the organization and customer service. Everyone in this company is always available, open and very efficient! Already the first call to your broker is likely to solve any problem. You know sometimes you call somewhere, they offer you a number for which you dial half a day. As a result, the manager cannot help you. This is not the case. When addressed, they almost immediately helped with all technical difficulties. 

In my experience, Maxi trade provides the best conditions and open access to the widest choice of digital assets. So that it is clear what I mean: here you can choose from a considerable number of tools! These are well-known Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and there are also less well-known coins. You can trade everything, and high volatility allows you to make a profit in any case, if you feel confident in trading.


I came here already with experience. Among other brokers, Maxitrade showed no difference, but something suggested that it was worth a try. Half a year has already passed, and I can sum up the first results: the terms of trade are high, there are no problems with the platform and withdrawal. The first crypto-broker with whom everything goes as it should! I chose them because so many digital money items are nowhere to be found! This is convenient, because this market is very volatile, and you can quickly reorient to another coin, without leaving the familiar environment.


What do you mean scam?  I have been trading with them for over a year! Maxitrade never did anything doubtful. Otherwise, I would have long taken the money from the account. Personally, I trade with them and earn up to $ 800 a month. Yes, it may not be much for someone, but it is enough for me to put it off for a new bike! Moreover, I don’t spend my time on it, and the broker successfully trades for me! Success to everyone!)

Bitcoin faucets

On the Internet, there are so-called applications or even full-fledged websites that pay for various work with Bitcoins. Such applications are most commonly known under the name of bitcoin faucets and to be honest, there are already thousands of them. Everything seemed to be quite good, but there is a small trick. Namely, the payment itself is low, only from 100 to 10,000 Satoshi, that is, from about 0.000001 to 0.0001 BTC.

Tasks may be the following:

  • ad banner click
  • view promotional videos
  • filling in marketing surveys

Affiliate marketing

If you are a businessman and you have a corporate website, this can be used for additional earnings of cryptocurrency. In other words, the so-called affiliate marketing is the income that the commission for clicks on an advertising banner on your site brings to you. In this case, the partner company that has placed its banner pays you a commission. Recently, the payment of such a commission in terms of cryptocurrency has become commonplace.

Trading bots

One of the most popular ways to make money, namely, day trading in cryptocurrency, involves your constant presence and analysis of the situation with the course of a particular coin. According to Maxitrade analytics, this method also assumes the existence of special technical knowledge, thanks to which you will be able to build various forecasts and in time to buy and sell coins. Moreover, you will have to sit for hours at the monitor and track price charts. In general, I think you understand that this is a challenging, albeit profitable way.

However, the so-called trading bots came to the rescue of the traders, who could not only automate the main routine processes but also perform tens of thousands of analytical procedures and use mathematical algorithms for calculating according to the specified indicators.

In other words, buying your own software, you can earn on the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency in automatic mode and without personal presence. The bot will independently monitor the course situation using dozens of indicators and analyze the current market situation.

Crypto Lending

If you decide to invest in cryptocurrency, then perhaps you will be interested in the next option of earnings, namely – lending to other coin holders. To do this, you need to purchase the necessary amount of coins and use peer-to-peer networks to feed your coins to other users. Maxitrade experts believe that this type of investment can bring more than 10% of the earnings from the initial investment.

However, despite such a winning percentage of income, it must be remembered that any state or other financial institutions do not regulate the cryptocurrency. That is why you should be very careful about whom you give a crypto loan to and understand that the risk of not returning your money exists.


Today we discussed various options for making money on cryptocurrency, as well as opportunities to earn and the coins themselves. Some of these methods require more advanced knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency trading, while others are great for the novice. 

The main thing you need to understand is how much time you are willing to spend on earning on cryptocurrency and whether you are ready to do it by yourself. In any case, do not overestimate your own strength and try to rely more on the experience of professionals, such as Maxitrade broker. In this case, the risks will be minimal, and the income will become your usual monthly bonus!